In the dark days of yore (2005), most poker networks only had downloadable software for Windows. Today things are different, and you can play on the MPN on almost any device. In addition to downloadable software for Windows and Mac, we also have software for mobile phones and tablets, plus an instant-play version for sessions while your boss isn’t looking players who want to get into the game as quickly as possible.

Sadly, not every one of our poker rooms has every platform. If your poker room doesn’t have the platform you want to play on, please pester their customer support relentlessly until they break into tears and agree to add it.

All platforms share all the same games, ldo.


Windows Download

Our Windows Download is still the most popular platform. Look at all the cool features!



Want to play on the train? Sat on your couch? Or God forbid on the toilet? Our mobile client works on all popular Apple and Android devices and can be run in the browser or as a native app.


Mac Download

For the more refined and fashion-conscious computer purchaser, our Mac download software will look just delightful on your sparkly new retina laptop.


Instant Play (No Download)

This is the quickest and easiest way to get into the games and is ideal for players who can’t install the software for whatever reason. Just click a button in your internet browser and you can be donking off your chips in no time!