A – Z of MPN Features


A is for Achievements. A is also for Avatar. Change your avatar as often as you like by visiting My Account – Add or change my Avatar.

B is for Blazing Cannon, Blaze and Bet Slider. Configure your bet slider from the poker table by going to Menu – Options – Bet Slider.

C is for Carnage. Our Carnage Tournaments are crazy fun. C is also for Calendar. View your personalised calendar at My Account – My Account Details – View my calendar. This calendar will show all the upcoming tournaments you are registered into.

D is for Draw, Five Card Draw.

E is for eCOGRA. They certify the randomness of our RNG every month. To see the monthly certificate, go to Menu – Independent Reviews in the poker software.

F is for Four Color Deck. Change your cards from boring red and black to red, black, blue and green. Much easier to spot Flushes! Tick Four Color Deck from the table by going to Menu – Options – General Options.

G is for Guts. Without, there is no Glory.

H is for Hand History. Check your hand history from the table by clicking on the highlighted hand ID in the lower right, or from Playcheck by going to My Account – My Account Details – View my game history.

I is for ICWYDT. An acronym for ‘I See What You Did There’, it is one of the tasks required for collecting the Strategist Achievement. You must limp, then re-raise pre-flop in order to complete this task.

J is for Jackpot. The Bad Beat Jackpot pays out small amounts frequently to lots of players. If you’ve played for a BBJ with other poker suppliers, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to win a prize with ours. In addition, the Casino in Poker has four jackpot games.

K is for Kiev, one of the possible upcoming locations for our offline event series, the MPN Poker Tour.

L is for Loyalty Points. These are what you get for playing poker on the MPN. You can frequently exchange them for tournament buy-ins, poker room-branded merchandise or, sometimes, cash.

M is for Mac OS. Our software is now available for download on Macs. Check with your preferred poker room to see if they have the software available for your use.

N is for No Limit Hold’em. Our most popular game.

O is for Omaha. We offer Omaha and its slightly nutty younger brother, Omaha Hi/Lo. It’s also for Options, the page you reach from the poker table that has all the configuration options you will ever need.

P is for Password. Keep yours secure by changing it frequently from My Account – My Personal Details – Change my password.

Q is for Quick Fold. It’s what you do in Blaze Poker when you have a terrible starting hand and want a new one.

R is for Razz. R is also for Rabbit Cam, which shows the card that might have come up next if all the players hadn’t folded. Turn the Rabbit Cam on (or off) from the table by going to Menu – Options – General Options.

S is for Sunday Showdown, our weekly headline tournament.

T is for Tournaments. We’ve got loads.

U is for Unlimited Rebuys. You get knocked down, you get back up again.

V is for Variable Starting Stacks. Sometimes in freerolls, you can start with extra chips in your stack by playing cash games the week before the tournament.

W is for Waiting List. We don’t have Waiting Lists, as they’re frequently used by strong players to target weaker players. Instead, we have a Seat Finder. If you see a table you want a seat at and it’s full, just click Seat Finder. You’ll get a seat at that table, or one very similar, quickly.

X is for Xylophone. We just like this word.

Y is for Your Best Hand, the small graphic in the lower right of the poker table that shows your best possible hand. Especially useful in Omaha!

Z is for Zulu Land, an old name for the area in which our primary development house resides.