UCOP: Full Throttle

May 6th – 20th 2018

The Universal Championship of Poker is back and the foot is to the floor with over 60 action packed tournaments across two weeks, €500,000 guaranteed and the motorsport enthusiasts dream experience for the player in Pole Position.

UCOP Champion

A leaderboard will run across all events with €5,000 in cash prizes and one ultimate motorsport prize.

The player in Pole Position on the leaderboard will head to the UK with a friend to get tucked into some serious racing competition. They will both get to experience racing some of the most exciting cars around, from 4x4s to a Palmer Jaguar to a Caterham Seven. On their day of motorsport adventure they will take to the track to compete against one another – there are even points for skidding correctly….




DateTime (BST)NameBuy-In (€)GameGuarantee (€)Type
06/05/201714:00UCOP Event 111.00NLH10,000Rebuy
06/05/201715:00UCOP Event 2110.00NLH10,000Freezeout
06/05/201716:00UCOP Event 35.50NLH5,000Rebuy
06/05/201717:00UCOP Event 4110.00NLH12,500Freezeout
06/05/201718:00UCOP Event 522.00NLH15,000Rebuy
06/05/201719:00UCOP Event 6215.00NLH12,500Freezeout
06/05/201720:00UCOP Event 755.00NLH7,500Freezeout
07/05/201717:00UCOP Event 85.50NLH2,5001R/1A
07/05/201718:00UCOP Event 933.00NLH5,000Freezeout
07/05/201719:00UCOP Event 1011.00NLH5,000Rebuy
07/05/201720:00UCOP Event 1155.00PLO5,000Freezeout
08/05/201717:00UCOP Event 125.50NLH2,500Rebuy
08/05/201718:00UCOP Event 13110.00NLH10,000Freezeout
08/05/201719:00UCOP Event 1433.00NLH5,000Bounty
08/05/201720:00UCOP Event 1555.00NLH5,000Freezeout
09/05/201717:00UCOP Event 1655.00NLH5,000Freezeout
09/05/201718:00UCOP Event 1722.00NLH10,000Rebuy
09/05/201719:00UCOP Event 1811.00NLH5,0001R/1A
09/05/201720:00UCOP Event 195.50NLH2,500Rebuy
10/05/201717:00UCOP Event 2022.00NLH10,000Rebuy
10/05/201718:00UCOP Event 21215.00NLH10,000Freezeout
10/05/201719:00UCOP Event 225.50NLH2,500Rebuy
10/05/201720:00UCOP Event 23110.00NLH10,000Bounty
11/05/201717:00UCOP Event 2411.00PLO2,500Rebuy
11/05/201718:00UCOP Event 2522.00NLH10,000Rebuy
11/05/201719:00UCOP Event 2633.00NLH5,000Freezeout
11/05/201720:00UCOP Event 2755.00NLH5,000Freezeout
12/05/201717:00UCOP Event 285.50NLH2,500Rebuy
12/05/201718:00UCOP Event 2922.00NLH2,500Bounty
12/05/201719:00UCOP Event 3011.00NLH5,0001R/1A
13/05/201714:00UCOP Event 3133.00NLH5,000Freezeout
13/05/201715:00UCOP Event 32110.00NLH10,000Freezeout
13/05/201716:00UCOP Event 335.50NLH5,000Rebuy
13/05/201717:00UCOP Event 34215.00NLH10,000Freezeout
13/05/201718:00UCOP Event 3522.00NLH15,000Rebuy
13/05/201719:00UCOP Event 3611.00NLH10,000Rebuy
13/05/201720:00UCOP Event 3755.00NLH7,500Freezeout
14/05/201717:00UCOP Event 385.50NLH2,500Rebuy
14/05/201718:00UCOP Event 3911.00NLH2,500Freezeout
14/05/201719:00UCOP Event 4022.00NLH10,000Rebuy
14/05/201720:00UCOP Event 4133.00PLO2,500Freezeout
15/05/201717:00UCOP Event 4211.00NLH5,0001R/1A
15/05/201718:00UCOP Event 43110.00NLH10,000Freezeout
15/05/201719:00UCOP Event 4422.00NLH2,500Bounty
15/05/201720:00UCOP Event 4555.00NLH5,000Freezeout
16/05/201717:00UCOP Event 4633.00NLH2,500Freezeout
16/05/201718:00UCOP Event 4722.00NLH10,000Rebuy
16/05/201719:00UCOP Event 4811.00NLH5,0001R/1A
16/05/201720:00UCOP Event 495.50NLH2,500Rebuy
17/05/201717:00UCOP Event 5022.00NLH10,000Rebuy
17/05/201718:00UCOP Event 5133.00NLH5,000Freezeout
17/05/201719:00UCOP Event 5211.00NLH5,000Rebuy
17/05/201720:00UCOP Event 5355.00NLH5,000Freezeout
18/05/201717:00UCOP Event 5433.00NLH5,000Freezeout
18/05/201718:00UCOP Event 5522.00NLH10,000Rebuy
18/05/201719:00UCOP Event 5611.00PLO2,500Rebuy
18/05/201720:00UCOP Event 57110.00NLH10,000Bounty
19/05/201717:00UCOP Event 585.50NLH2,500Rebuy
19/05/201718:00UCOP Event 5933.00NLH2,500Freezeout
19/05/201719:00UCOP Event 6011.00NLH5,0001R/1A
20/05/201714:00UCOP Event 6111.00NLH10,000Rebuy
20/05/201715:00UCOP Event 6233.00NLH7,5001R/1A
20/05/201716:00UCOP Event 635.50NLH5,000Rebuy
20/05/201717:00UCOP Main Event110.00NLH40,000Freezeout
20/05/201718:00UCOP High Roller320.00NLH30,000Freezeout
20/05/201719:00UCOP Event 6422.00NLH15,000Rebuy
20/05/201720:00UCOP Event 6555.00NLH7,500Bounty

Terms & Conditions

  1. The promotion runs from May 6th 2018 until May 20th
  2. All times listed are in BST.
  3. Leaderboard points are awarded based on the finishing times of the applicable tournaments.
  4. For avoidance of doubt, applicable tournaments for the leaderboard are the UCOP Events #1-65, The UCOP Main Event and the UCOP High Roller. No other tournaments or satellites are considered in leaderboard calculations.
  5. Leaderboard cash prizes will be awarded by May 29th
  6. The player in Pole Position will be contacted within 5 business days of winning and must respond within 10 days or the prize will be forfeited.
  7. The Motorsport Experience includes:
    1. Standard return flights for two from Europe to London
    2. Private return airport transfers
    3. 2 nights accommodation at the 4 Star Verve Hotel, Bedford
    4. Breakfast each morning
    5. A half day Motor Sports Adventure for two people
    6. Day includes:
      1. Racing in a Palmer Jaguar JP-LM
      2. Racing in a Formula 3000 single seater (with video footage included on a USB stick)
      3. Pursuit Race in a Caterham Seven
      4. Off Road experience in a Land Rover Defender
      5. Fastest lap karts race against other drivers
      6. Prize giving
  1. A cash alternative to the Motorsport Experience prize is available in the amount of €1,500.
  2. We are not responsible for any adverse effects any participant experiences throughout the use of their prize.
  3. We reserve the right to cancel or amend any instance of any network tournament at any time.
  4. We reserve the right to withdraw this promotion at any time.
  5. If you collude or otherwise behave unethically at any time, you will forfeit all prizes and you risk closure of your account.
  6. You may not create more than one account with your poker room. If you do, you will forfeit all prizes and you risk closure of all your accounts.
  7. In addition to these rules, all of the normal network rules and your poker room’s Terms & Conditions apply.