Football Fever Poker Missions

With the eyes of the world on all of the football action this June and July, make sure you keep your eye out for our fun-filled Football Fever Poker Missions running each day between June 13th and July 13th. Win your entry to four Football Fever Final tournaments culminating in the final €15,000 guaranteed on July 16th.

Complete simple daily missions and win tickets to join €35,000 worth of Football Fever Mission tournaments.

Your missions are split in to four separate rounds. There’s 7 daily missions in each round for you to complete and win your tournament ticket to join the following day’s Daily Football Fever Poker Mission tournament.

At the end of each round we’ve scheduled a Football Fever Mission Final tournament. The final tournaments have prize pools starting at €1,000 in round 1 which increase to €15,000 in round 4. Your starting stacks in each weekly Football Fever Mission Final are dependent on the number of missions you complete in the qualifying week in that round.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Football Fever Poker Mission (the “Promotion”) is run by Prima Poker Limited and its licensors (“Prima”) and is open to all of Prima’s MPN poker operators (the “Operators”) to offer to their players who can lawfully place real-money wagers on the Operators’ Poker room websites and are aged 18 years or over (“Players”).
  2. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) applies to all times stated in these terms and conditions (these “Terms”).
  3. The Promotion will commence at 00:01 on Monday, 13th June 2018 and will run until 16th July 2018 (the “Promotion Period”).
  4. To enter the Promotion, a Player will need to complete specific daily missions in each round while playing poker on the Prima Poker network between 00:01 13th June 2018 and 23:59 13th July 2018. On completion of each daily mission the Player will receive a tournament ticket to join the Football Fever Daily tournaments and will qualify for the Football Fever Mission Final tournament in that same round, with the final tournament in round 4 played on 16th July.
  5. All daily missions require play at real money tables, play tables are not included.
  6. Play at heads up tables is excluded.
  7. Where hands of poker are required to be played at cash game tables, all heads up play is excluded. The betting must reach at least the second stage (flop seen and subsequent bet made) unless a showdown is required. A showdown is a situation when, if more than one player remains after the last betting round, remaining players expose and compare their hands to determine the winner or winners. Where hands are required to be played in tournaments the betting must also reach the second stage (flop seen and a subsequent bet, made) unless a showdown is required.
  8. NL10 = no limit hold’em stakes of 0.05/0.10, PL10 = Pot Limit Omaha stakes of 0.05/0.10
  9. On completion of a daily mission, the Player will win an entry ticket valued at 0.01c + 0.01c to the Daily Football Fever tournament running the following day. It is the Player’s responsibility to join the tournament using the ticket won to play, unused tickets will not be compensated.
  10. All qualifying Players will be pre-registered to each of the Football Fever Mission Final tournaments which run at the end of each round with starting chip stacks subject to the number of missions completed in that round. *IMPORTANT* Pre-registered Players will need to be logged in and play at least one hand before the end of the 1st blind level, failure to do so will result in the Player being automatically removed from the tournament.
  11. Prima reserves the right to hold void, cancel, suspend, or amend the Promotion where it becomes necessary to do so.
  12. Prima accepts no liability of any kind, howsoever caused, arising from any activities of any person in connection with this Promotion, to the extent permissible by law. Prima is not responsible for any damage, loss, injury or disappointment suffered by an Operator or any other person entering the Promotion or as a result of accepting any Prize. Operators agree to release, discharge, indemnify and hold harmless Prima from and against any claims, damages or liability due to any injuries, damages or losses to any person or property of any kind resulting in whole or in any part, directly or indirectly, from acceptance, possession, use or misuse of any Prize offered, or participation in this Promotion.
  13. These Terms shall be governed by English law.
  14. If Players collude or otherwise behave unethically at any time, they will forfeit all prizes and risk closure of the Player’s account.
  15. Players may not create more than one account with any MPN poker room. Players who do so will forfeit all prizes and risk closure of all MPN accounts.
  16. In addition to these rules, all of the normal network rules and poker Operators’ room’s Terms & Conditions apply.