€50,000 Cash Drop

Every 5 minutes from May 4th until May 31st, €5 will be dropped into a random cash game player’s account. That is more than €40,000 in instantly awarded cash!

If that wasn’t enough, there is a €10,000 leader board to further sweeten the deal. The more cash drops you win, the higher you climb on the leader board. Take first place, and you’ll be rewarded with €1,000!

The cash drop is completely random, so any player can win. To be eligible, simply play in a real money cash games during the promotional period. Players will be notified of the cash drops in the chat window every five minutes.

The €5 prize is free cash – no strings attached. The cash will be available for play as soon as it is credited into your account.

The Leader Board

€10,000 leader board for the players who win the most cash drops. One cash drop awarded equals one point on the leader board

You can view the full leader board standings here.

1st€ 1,000
2nd€ 750
3rd€ 500
4th€ 400
5th€ 300
6th€ 200
7th-10th€ 100
11th-20th€ 75
21st-40th€ 50
41st-70th€ 40
71st-110th€ 30
111th-160th€ 25
161st-200th€ 20
201st-225th€ 10


Terms & Conditions

  1. The Cash Drop promotion starts on 4 May 2017 at 00:00 GMT and ends 31 May 2017 at 23:59 GMT.
  2. €5 (Five Euros) will be given every five minutes to an ‘active real money cash game player’. For the purpose of this promotion, a real money cash game player is a player seated at a real money (as opposed to play money) cash game table of any stake.
  3. Only players who are sitting in and who have been dealt into at least one hand are eligible for prizes.
  4. Tournament players are not eligible for prizes unless they are also playing in a cash game when the prizes are distributed.
  5. If a player is playing on multiple cash game tables, they will only be counted once per minute for a prize. Playing only one table is not a disadvantage in this promotion.
  6. Players can win multiple prizes if the random prize-draw results in their alias being chosen more than once.
  7. Players will be notified of their win in the chat window. Messages will be in English only.
  8. The €5 is free money. Players will not need to take any action in order to claim or redeem the funds. They are instantly credited to a players account, available for immediate play or withdrawal.
  9. The €5 will be granted to the winning players at the completion of the cash game hand taking place during the minute in which it is given out.
  10. Leader board prizes will be awarded by 7 June 2017.
  11. In case there is a tie between players in the leader board, the prizes will be divided equally among the tied players.
  12. The promotion can be ended at any time by the promotion administrators.
  13. All other operator terms and conditions apply.