Blazing Cannon


Blazing Cannon is currently on hiatus, but will be back before you can say ‘gold rush’!

Our Blazing Cannon mini-game for Blaze Poker gives players a chance to collect cash prizes of €1, €10 or €100 whenever they win all or part of the pot in 20 raked hands on a 6-max real money Blaze Poker table. Qualifying players are plucked from the Blaze pool and seated at a virtual firing range, where they can take aim at a stack of playing cards. Will the blazing poker chip strike enough gold suits to land the top prize? Or will the cannon misfire? The outcome is random in every sense.


Blazing Cannon How to Play

Blazing Cannon Terms & Conditions

  1. Blazing Cannon is available only in Blaze games at €0.05/€0.10 or higher stakes.
  2. The Blazing Cannon mini-game is activated automatically when you have won twenty Blaze Poker raked hands. The game offers you a chance to win a cash prize.
  3. Play on Free Play and Heads up tables is excluded.
  4. Only players with Flash Player version 9 or higher can play the game. Download Flash Player.
  5. To play Blazing Cannon, click the cannon to fire a blazing chip at the house of cards. The aim is to knock down as many cards and gold suits as possible. Depending on how many gold suits you knock down, you could win a cash prize of €1, €10 or €100.
  6. Winnings are paid directly into your chip stack at the next Blaze Poker table you are moved to.
  7. Only one attempt is available per game.
  8. If you close the Blazing Cannon window, you forfeit your chance to win and are directed back to a Blaze Poker table.
  9. The promotion administrators reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions, and can withdraw Blazing Cannon at any time. Any decisions taken in this regard are final.